What Are Wood Coatings ? – Different Wood Coatings And wood Finishes.

Wood Coatings are basically a kind of material to be applied on wooden surface to protect the wood from different natural and manmade factors. These factors also include all the environmental agents which can cause harm to the wood. In simple words, Wood coatings act as a life guard to any wooden item. Wood coatings can be applied to any kind of wood such as outside and boards, frameworks, garden furniture and street furniture , modern furniture , reproduction furniture , kitchens, doors, furnishing accessories, traditional flooring. Wood coatings make wood easier to clean, and keep it sanitized. It also helps in sealing pores that can be breading grounds for bacteria. Coatings are the final step in wood finishing that gives wooden surfaces a desirable appearance. Wood coatings are also capable of creating wooden designs as per our wish. Wood finishing make it looks attractive, perform well for a longer time and increase its durability. These wooden finishing products can be useful for both exterior wooden designs as well as interior wooden designs. Mostly, people also refer wood coatings as wood polish and wood colors.

Wood coating industry in India is continuously growing by developing new innovative products. India has become Asia’s second-largest wood coating market after China. The annual consumption was over 28 lakh tones of paint and coating in 2013. In the last four-five years, the growth of wood coating consumption has been increased to very high level.

Wood coating market in India is facing a huge change in trend right now. people are shifting their choice from just painting to protective and artistic wood coating which is resulting to boost the usage of wood coatings and simultaneously a remarkable push to wood coating manufacturer in India. Now customers of all segments are taking interest in wood finishing products. Wood coating manufacturers are trying to facilitate these solutions to all so that they are inventing various solutions which can be much cost effective in near future. At present Polyester, PU coatings (Polyurethane) as transparent, pigmented and Acrylic with open or closed pores are most popular of wood coatings. Here are some different types of coatings and Finishes:

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